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If you have bought some wine that you’re not planning on drinking right away, it's important to ensure that you store it the right conditions so that the wines stay safe and in good condition. If you’re looking to buy wines to mature, then investing in professional-grade storage will be important in order to ensure the quality of your wines.  


Here at Stellez Vine, we have worked with a few partners to bring to you a few series of  wine cellars for refrigeration , for both the casual drinker, the restaurant and the serious wine collector. Check out our collection below. 

For the individual wine collector or F&B businesses

For the individual wine collector looking for premium solutions

Wine Storage
Storing your wines optimally, is very important for collectors and casual drinkers alike. By storing them in the right conditions, you keep them safe and fresh. If you are looking to purchase wines for investment or aging, it is best to get yourself a professional's grade storage to prevent losing quality.

Here at Stellez Vine, we have worked with partners to bring a few series of wine cellars for refrigeration for both the casual drinker, trade, and the serious wine collector. Check out our collection below.

For the individual wine collector or F&B businesses

We have the VINTEC wine cabinets for you. Our wine cabinet models are particularly suited for a modern lifestyle, and they cover a wide range of technological improvements that primarily cater to wine preservation. You would also love how perfect the features blend nicely into your home.


You would always find a VINTEC wine cellar that caters to your needs. We have from the largest capacity V190 to the smallest capacity VWS020. Each one has standard or electronic regulation, having different temperature zones such as dual temperature zones, multi-temperature, and single temperature. Each one comes as an under-counter wine cellar (either a built-in or standing), and they are perfect for your restaurant, kitchen, and sitting room.


Regardless of your profile, we have a VINTEC design that caters to your needs.

For the individual wine collector looking for premium solutions
If you are a serious wine collector interested in collecting France made long-term wine storage, then our high-end Eurocave series would be perfect for you. You would get the best comfort from the technical advancements of Eurocave since they were developed in collaboration with great oenologists and wine connoisseurs.

For optimal wine preservation, four criteria must be in place. And they are; absence of vibration, natural ventilation, adapted humidity, and temperature control. Eurocave developers worked with experts to develop technological improvements that incorporate all of these four criteria. Eurocave wine cabinets mimic natural wine cellars in providing the right conditions for wine preservation. And this is possible due to the technical specificities used for developing the Eurocave wine cabinets. Because of the display ergonomics and the quality of the material for making Eurocave wine cabinets, the quality of your wines would remain intact, and they would only improve for the better.

For those looking for a stylishly affordable wine cellar
We also have the Kadeka range if you are looking for stylishly affordable wine cabinets. Since its launching in 1998, the Kadeka range has consistently been producing top-quality cooling appliances. In all their products, they ensure to use the high standards of Japanese products. And they always deliver well in terms of technology, reliability, and design.


Kadeka stands out as being the first to reach the Singapore market with an affordable 30 bottle wine chiller. It also sets itself apart as the first to introduce sophisticated wine cabinet design features such as stainless steel door frames that carry the touch of professionalism and are suitable for restaurants and homes.

In addition to catering to wine preservation, Kadeka also has products for food preservation. Some of them include their commercial display showcase and chest freezers.

In their quest to reduce vibration and noise, and energy-saving, Kadeka has now become the first in Singapore to launch an inverter compressor technology. Kadeka is a brand that continues to bring up innovative ideas and technology to ensure your food and wine stay fresh.

For those looking for a stylish affordable wine cellar

For those who's just looking for a stylish regular fridge

See entire collection here

We offer the Kadeka range which is established since 1998, and known for its top quality cooling appliances. Kadeka utilizes the high Japanese product standards in all their products, taking care in the aspects of design, reliability and technology.

Kadeka was the first to market an affordable 30 bottle wine chiller to the Singapore market which catered to the then fast growing wine drinking community. Kadeka also introduced sophisticated design features like the seamless stainless steel door frames which brought about a professional look that fits perfectly in both homes and fine dining restaurants.

As the years went by, Kadeka became a well-known refrigeration specialist, expanding their range of products to meet the needs of homes, restaurants and commercial catering. Apart from wine preservation, Kadeka also has a strong offering in food preservation with their chest freezers and commercial display showcase.

Their latest Kadeka Signature is the first in Singapore to use inverter compressor technology to bring about energy savings to the customer, whilst achieving the need for minimal vibrations and noise.

Kadeka continues to find inspiration in selecting the best materials, technologies and designs for your food and wine.

Looking for the Best Wine Fridge in Singapore? Here’s the Buyer’s Guide You Need

Regardless of aging potential, it’s important to store wines in an environment that is conducive to maximise a wine’s potential.

It is not often spoken about, but here are some key features that is critical in a wine fridge.

1.) Type of coating on a door 

2.) Number of glass layers of a door

3.) Temperature Control (Single or dual)

4.) Mechanical or digital display

5.) Humidity Control

6.) Fitting style of a wine fridge

Stellez Vine believes in working with the right partners for wine fridges. We are proud to partner with Vintec, Kadeka and Eurocave to bring more value to the public. Each brand, brings their unique specialties meant for different target audiences.

In this article, we will have a look at the fitting style of wine fridges. It is crucial as it can shorten or lengthen a wine fridge and it’s surrounding features life span.

What are the Various Fitting Styles of Wine Fridge?

There are usually three different fitting styles of a wine fridge, including countertop, freestanding, and built-in. So, let’s discuss all of them.

Built-in Wine Fridge:

A built in wine fridge is meant to fit into a kitchen cabinet feature.

It usually comes with front ventilation, which allows heat to escape from the feature.
It is suggested to pick a wine fridge that has an allowance of minimally 5 cm on all sides, away from the walls and ceiling. This goes without saying, that a wine fridge should not be completely enclose. Heat will not be able escape.

It is not recommended to put the wine fridge next to a stove or places where heat might be a concern. Wood lamination, and other more heat sensitive materials would deteriorate over time. 

Countertop Wine Fridge:

A countertop wine fridge is usually meant for islands with no cabinets beneath. 


These countertop wine fridges, usually come with front vents and are bigger in size.
Hence it is able to store more wines.


Adding a great touch and styling are not the only options you can consider in countertop wine fridges.

Freestanding/Standalone Wine Fridge:

Freestanding wine fridges as the name suggest are stand alone fridges that should not be in cabinets or under islands.

These fridges usually are bigger in size, with the ability to store from anyway between 40 bottles to 300 bottles of wines.

They usually contain more features such as apps, digital display, electronic temperature control. It has different aesthetic options to ideally blend in with it’s surrounding environment.

How to select a Wine Fridge in Singapore?

Purchasing a new wine fridge is a considerable investment, so it’s essential that one knows how to pick. Plenty of users have bought poor quality wine fridges and became frustrated and disappointed. Therefore, here are four essential factors to consider when purchasing the wine fridge.

Capacity: You should first determine the number of bottles you have to store in the fridge..

Location: Select the location you want to put in your wine fridge. The wine fridge has to be away from hot and humid areas, as well as direct sunlight.


Temperature Zones: Multi-temperature wine fridges are meant for bottle high turnovers like restaurants and bars. However, single temperature wine fridges are best for long term storage of wines. Based on your collection of wines, please select the wine fridge that provides the ideal temperature zone.


Shelving: Shelving is an essential factor when you are consuming wine daily. With frequent retrieving and storage of wines,  a roller type shelf is safer and more accessible. Do take note more shelves also means lesser storage space

What is the Best Wine Chiller in Singapore

Living in Singapore and wanting to get the best wine fridge or wine cellar, you have the online platforms to consider. Researching about online platforms is long-term work, so we are here to tell you about good quality brands.

Kadeka Wine Chiller – KSJ115EW:


This series of Kadeka Wine Chiller comes with a capacity of 15 bottles. It’s a single zone wine chiller that comes with two wooden shelves. You can quickly put it anywhere in your room where the electric outlet is available.


It has a UV glass door that comes with two anti-layers. The best part is that it has a reversible door.

Kadeka Wine Chiller – KA24WR:


The KA24WR series of Kadeka Wine Chillers comes with a capacity of 21 bottles. It has six shelves of metallic wood trim and a dual-zone feature. The temperature for this chiller is adjustable from 5 to 18°C. It comes with a computerized temperature setting. The chiller comes with a UV glass door that offers three anti-layers. 

Kadeka Wine Chiller – KA143T:


The KA143T Series of Kadeka Wine Chillers Comes with a capacity of 143 bottles. It comes with a multi-temperature 3 Zones feature, which is adjustable from 5 to 18 °C. The chiller has 13 wooden shelves that come with stainless steel trim.


It has both built-in and freestanding unit options along with a door lock feature. You can easily set its temperature through a computerized system.

Vintec Classic Wine Cellar – Glass Door – VWS035SCA-X:


This VWS035SCA-X series of Vintec Classic wine cellar comes with a capacity of 30 Bordeaux size bottles. It has a single layer temperature option that ranges from 6 to 18°C. There are three and a half wooden shelves available.


You can easily stand it anywhere in the room that contains an electric outlet. It comes with a weight of 38 kg. It’s a good selection for both serving and aging purposes. It also comes with ECO technology and a double layer glass door.

Vintec Allure Wine Cellar – Glass Door – VWS050SAA-X:


The VWS050SAA-X series of Vintec Allure Wine Cellar comes with a capacity of 40 Bordeaux Size bottles. It provides single-zone temperature for both serving and aging purposes. You will get 5 adjustable wooden shelves featured in this cellar. Apart from that, it comes with a double layer glass door.