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Our exquisite South African wines

Swartland Winery

Swartland Winery is situated north of Cape Town, near the town of Malmesbury in the Swartland. Apart from being a popular wine destination, the Swartland is also one of the major wheat producing areas in South Africa.


The vineyards benefit from the constant cool breezes that blow off the Atlantic Ocean, effectively sustaining the many microclimates, while the proximity to mountain ranges adds it own dimension to the physical character of the fruit. The soils and dry land conditions have proved ideal for the cultivation of grapes in the traditional bush vine style. These untrellised vines are left to grown naturally with minimal human intervention. The dry land conditions result in lower yields of smaller berries with a more concentrated structure that, in a natural way, produce wines with ripe tannins, concentrated aromas and bold fruit flavours – offering excellent raw material for the cellar master to produce a superb choice of outstanding wines.


Over the past 65 years this well known winery has changed from a cooperative cellar into a wine company with three business units that offer our clients an all-in-one wine experience. The Production Facilities where the cellar master selects and blends his wine for various brands, include a state of the art laboratory that is rated as one of the best in the wine industry.


The focus of Swartland Winery is to provide a continuous supply of world class wine and service that conform to and exceed the highest international standards, to all our valued clients.