Tulbagh Winery

Tulbagh Winery was founded in 1906 and has produced quality wines ever since. With an illustrious history, Tulbagh is the first export cellar, the first cellar to manufacture sparkling wine and the first cellar to launch a ship when Queen Mother christened the 38’000 ton Windsor Castle with Witzenberg. Today with the merger of Tulbagh and Porterville Cellar, they are the situated at Het Land van Waveren and one of the biggest cellars in the country.


Tulbagh Winery covers the spectrum of South Africa’s best cultivars, whether it is the soft easy-drinking red, or the fresh and piquant dry whites; the emphasis is on fruity blends that reflect the friendliness of the region.

Tulbagh’s work has not gone unrecognized, and over the years it has accumulated numerous awards and accolades internationally. With international recognition and a given quality reputation, everyone is able to serve with pride and confidence.


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