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Wine Fridge Singapore

Best Wine Chiller & Fridge in Singapore


EuroCave Premiere MGlass Door



EuroCave Premiere SGlass Door



Vintec Noir Wine CellarGlass Door - V190SG2EBK



Vintec Classic



Kadeka Wine Chiller -



Kadeka Wine Chiller -



WKb 4612



WKb 4212


Looking for the Best Wine Chiller in Singapore? Here’s the Buyer’s Guide You Need

Regardless of aging potential, it’s important to store wines in an environment that is conducive to maximise a wine’s potential.

It is not often spoken about, but here are some key features that is critical in a wine fridge.

1.) Type of coating on a door 

2.) Number of glass layers of a door

3.) Temperature Control (Single or dual)

4.) Mechanical or digital display

5.) Humidity Control

6.) Fitting style of a wine fridge

Stellez Vine believes in working with the right partners for wine fridges. We are proud to partner with Vintec, Kadeka, Liehberr and Eurocave to bring more value to the public. Each brand, brings their unique specialties meant for different target audiences.

In this article, we will have a look at the fitting style of wine fridges. It is crucial as it can shorten or lengthen a wine fridge and it’s surrounding features life span.


What are the Various Fitting Styles of Wine Fridge?


There are usually three different fitting styles of a wine fridge, including countertop, freestanding, and built-in. So, let’s discuss all of them.

Built-in Wine Fridge:

A built in wine fridge is meant to fit into a kitchen cabinet feature.

It usually comes with front ventilation, which allows heat to escape from the feature.
It is suggested to pick a wine fridge that has an allowance of minimally 5 cm on all sides, away from the walls and ceiling. This goes without saying, that a wine fridge should not be completely enclose. Heat will not be able escape.

It is not recommended to put the wine fridge next to a stove or places where heat might be a concern. Wood lamination, and other more heat sensitive materials would deteriorate over time. 

Countertop Wine Fridge:

A countertop wine fridge is usually meant for islands with no cabinets beneath. 

These countertop wine fridges, usually come with front vents and are bigger in size. Hence it is able to store more wines.

Adding a great touch and styling are not the only options you can consider in countertop wine fridges.

Freestanding/Standalone Wine Fridge:

Freestanding wine fridges as the name suggest, should not be in cabinets or under islands.

These fridges usually are bigger in size, with the ability to store between 40 bottles to 300 bottles of wines.

They usually contain more features such as apps, digital display, electronic temperature control. It has different aesthetic options to ideally blend in with it’s surrounding environment.

How to select a Wine Chiller in Singapore?

Purchasing a new wine fridge is a considerable investment, so it’s essential that one knows how to pick. Plenty of users have bought poor quality wine fridges and became frustrated and disappointed. Therefore, here are four essential factors to consider when purchasing the wine fridge.

Capacity: You should first determine the number of bottles you have to store in the fridge..

Location: Select the location you want to put in your wine fridge. The wine fridge has to be away from hot and humid areas, as well as direct sunlight.


Temperature Zones: Multi-temperature wine fridges are meant for bottle high turnovers like restaurants and bars. However, single temperature wine fridges are best for long term storage of wines. Based on your collection of wines, please select the wine fridge that provides the ideal temperature zone.


Shelving: Shelving is an essential factor when you are consuming wine daily. With frequent retrieving and storage of wines,  a roller type shelf is safer and more accessible. Do take note more shelves also means lesser storage space.

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