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Bringing you the best South African wines since 2009

Constantia Wine

Constantia is home to some of South Africa’s oldest winery. Located in the heartbeat of Cape Town’s activities; it is picturesque and vibrant. It is best known for producing Napoleon’s favourite sweet wines such as the Grand Constance, and magnificent whites. 

Groot Constantia in recent years has won both the Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay du Monde.  

“Sauvignon Blanc is particularly successful and intensely flavoured here, though the fruit flavours tend to be less ripe than typical New Zealand Sauvignon” – Jancis Robinson


Tulbagh Wine

Before Civilization, Tulbagh Valley was rich and fertile and home to Thousands of Wild animals and an incredible variety of plants of the indigenous Cape floral kingdom. In 1658, Dutch settlers populated the area, and thus gave birth to some of the country’s finest wines, olive oils, peaches, grain, pears and 70% of all the plums in the count.

Tulbagh Wineries covers the spectrum of South Africa’s best cultivars, whether it is the soft easy-drinking red, or the fresh and piquant dry whites; the emphasis is on fruity blends that reflect the friendliness of the region.


Hermanus Wine

South Africa’s Hemel-en-Aarde Valley has seen an explosion of quality Pinot noir over the last decade, and they believe it to be capable of producing wines of world renowned authenticity. Their focus is ever more on perfecting techniques in the vineyard and cellar that resonate the best of their conditions. The sloped vineyards face the southern winds of the cold Atlantic which couple freshness with the linearity and florals produced in the wines by their granite soils. It is a discovery of this translation from their farm that encourages them to make wines free from the distortion of modern convention and convenience, wines with purity of flavour and natural expression. 


Stellenbosch Wine

A South African wine region that has numerous textbooks and podcasts devoted to it. 
Stellenbosch = Magnificent wines. A simple formula.
It is home world class wineries such as Raats, Kleine Zalze, and Kanonkop. 

“…A traditional reputation for reds – notably Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz – but some increasingly exciting whites too.” – Jancis Robinson


Swartland Wine

A South African wine region that is famous for it’s independent producers. Critics and consumers globally are in agreement judging by the demand. Read here for more on their guidelines.

Shiraz and Chenin Blancs are a must have.


Overberg Wine

Award-winning wines has emerged from the Klein River ward near Stanford. These South African wineries have innovative blends and produce interesting varietals. Their creativity vibes has reverberated across the international scene, and has piqqed the curiosity of the masses.


Our Exquisite South African Wines

Stellez Vine has searched far and wide in South Africa since 2009 to bring you a great selection of the best South African wines. |
We are the leading specialist of South African wines in Singapore, with wines in major retailers, and restaurants. 
We invite you to join us in discovering and savoring these unique and charming wines from the beautiful terroirs of South Africa, crafted with exceptional  old and new world wine making techniques. 

South African wines have garnered attention far and why. It is easy to see why. Quality wines are knock down prices. Click on these South African winery icons to browse their latest offerings

South African Wines - FAQ

Q: When was the first harvest of South African wines?

A: The first recorded harvest was in 2nd Feb 1659. A Dutch surgeon by the name of Jan Van Riebeeck was in charge of the first vineyards planted in Cape Town.

Q: What is the most widely grown white wine grape in South Africa

A: Chenin Blanc. For a period of time, South Africa is the world's biggest producer of Chenin Blanc. Due to it's versatility, it can be made into many different spirits and hence it's popularity

Q: What is the most widely grown white Red grape in South Africa

A: Cabernet Sauvignon. A hardy varietal that is renown internationally, especially in Bordeaux, France. South African climate is perfect for producing robust, and silky smooth Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

Q: Which red wine grape is unique to South Africa

A: Pinotage. 

Q: Which wine region is most well known in South Africa

A: Stellenbosch wine region. This wine region needs no introduction. It was the driver for the growth of South African wines for years. Till date, it still produces many high quality reds from Raats, Kanonkop and Remhoogte

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