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About Us

The Taste of Adventure

Stellez Vine Pte. Ltd. was founded in 2009, in the Republic of Singapore, which also serves as a base from which we reach our regional clients.


Having visited South Africa, the country left a huge impression on us and we were awed by the beauty of the country. Likewise, the wines we tasted during our stay left us thirsting for more, even after we returned home. Thus inspired, and fired by our enthusiasm for wine, Stellez Vine was born.

Today we continue to scour the many wineries in South Africa for quality wine, and seek to bring these hidden gems to this region so that you, too, can enjoy these fine wines. Also, we have expanded our search to include quality Italian wines at affordable prices as well. 

To share our passion for wines, we also partner with professional sommeliers and restauranteurs to host wine tastings, wine pairing dinners and appreciation workshops for corporate and private clients.

Whether it is for weddings, corporate events or intimate private gatherings, we have the wine to meet your needs and budget.​ 

Stellez Vine specialises in providing quality and affordable South African & Italian red wines, white wines, sparkling  and sweet wines for all occasions in Singapore. 

Stellez Vine: An Award-Winning Wine Distributor in Singapore

Stellez Vine - the taste of adventure!

Stellez Vine is a leading wine distributor in Singapore that specializes in providing high-quality wines for all occasions. Our primary focus is on providing the best wines, at pocket-friendly rates, with professionalism, and high level of support. It has made Stellez Vine distinct from other wine distributors in Singapore.

Our main offerings are South Africa/Italian/Thai wines and wine fridges. Regardless of the type of wines, each wine brings pleasure to life moments with its subtle and fresh aromas, sparkling colours and hints of floral perfumes.

At Stellez Vine, you will get the best red wines in Singapore to which you will always say “YES”!

To bring the best value in wines, we source, and research vigorously; from the beautiful valleys and plains of Italy to the mountainous regions in South Africa. Our wines are perfect for any occasion in Singapore. Regardless of intimate private get-togethers, corporate events, or weddings, Stellez Vine has got you covered.

Why Choose Stellez Vine?

Stellez Vine is pleased to introduce the finest South African, Italian and Thai wines to provide the best experience to wine lovers. At Stellez Vine, all the wines are chosen in view of it’s quality, drinkability, and provenance. The wines are from distinguished winemakers that have a unique story and extremely skilled in wine-making. Hence, revolutionizing the wine industry of Singapore. 

Do you want to enjoy the lush experience and taste of wines with a modern twist? Following are a few perks of choosing Stellez Vine to get Italian, South African and Thai wines:

  • More than 10 years of experience in the industry.

  • Availability of highest-quality wines with flavourful taste and aroma.

  • All wine products are authentic.

  • Competitive prices available.

  • Professional team - always ready to serve clients and support them.

In short, Stellez Vine is well-resource and committed to become the best wine distribution company in Singapore.

An Interesting Story behind Stellez Vine

Our vision is to be the leading, independent wine merchant in Singapore, depicting or serving great wines from around the world!

Stellez Vine was founded in the Republic of Singapore back in 2009. It was started by a group of wine professionals who had the vision to bring great wines to the food and beverage industry of Singapore. The journey of Stellez Vine started when we visited South Africa. Not only were we inspired by the beauty of South Africa, but one thing that left a huge impression on us even after we came back was the taste of the wines. This led to our enthusiasm and kindled our interest in wine, which, in turn, leads to the creation of Stellez Vine.

As the time passes, we, as wine enthusiasts, started scouring many wineries in South Africa to search for the finest quality wine and bring it to Singapore so you can also enjoy the hidden gems of this country. Since the foundation of Stellez Vine in 2009, we have been distributing authentic wines and beers, and now we have gained support and trust in the industry.

We have expanded our wine range to Italian and Thai wines at economical rates. With a passion for creating and growing the wine culture.

Today, Stellez Vine has become one of the more prominent distributors of South African, Italian and Thai wines in Singapore. With our wealth of knowledge and partnerships with leading wine producers, we have an opportunity to move forward to achieve the objectives of Stellez Vine. And yes, we have become the top choice for wines for the people of Singapore!

These are some most notable awards that are won by Stellez Vine. These include:


  • The Peak's Gourmet & Travel Top 100 Wines 2016 Award (Stellez Vine has won this award for the fourth consecutive year).

  • Gold Award Winner at UOB Tower Club Wine Award 2015/2016

  • The Peak's Gourmet & Travel Top 100 Wines 2013 Award

Stellez Vine is looking forward to providing more exciting wine gems from the vineyards of South Africa, Italy and Thailand.

With several years of business intelligence and experience in the relevant field, we believe in creating sustainable partnerships with top wine producers to bring the best-quality wines to Singapore. In addition, we have a great team of talented professionals who have years of expertise in the wine industry. They work tirelessly to bring the finest wines to the local food and beverage industry.

Buy the Best Red Wine at Stellez Vine

At Stellez Vine, we always put a focus on customer satisfaction. We believe in making long-term relationships and commitments with everyone. This is the reason that we are dedicated to offering the best red wines to our valued customers. With dedication, discipline, and delivering consistently, we aim to maintain and improve our products and services to customers.

Stellez Vine has a friendly and knowledgeable team. Our commitment to a high level of customer service combined with the passion of bringing happiness to our customer base leads to long-lasting relationships. As the leading wine importer in Singapore, we are constantly searching for the finest wines from the vineyards of South Africa, Italy and Thailand; not only to expand our portfolio but to bring the best value for the wine lovers of Singapore.

If you are looking for some good wines, get in touch with us. Come revel in a wine shopping experience. Buy your favourite wines from Stellez Vine right now. You just need to order it online, and you will get your wine delivery as soon as possible. If you have more queries related to the price, quality, or terms and conditions, call us right now on our official contact number or drop an email. All our wines are fit for purpose, whether you want to entertain with friends or enjoy the wines on a date. Stellez Vine will bring great wines to your doorstep. Trust us; each bottle will be great wine!