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Choosing your ideal Wine Cellars / Wine Fridge  in Singapore 

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Single, Dual or multi temperature zones?
Single zone fridges are the choice of top connoisseurs, and collectors. They break down the least, and ever reliable. 
If you have been to a winery, you would know they keep all their wines (red and white) in a cellar. Dual or multi zones are for restaurants where the movement and servicing of wines need to be at a faster pace.

Build in, stand alone or under kitchen counter
Our advice is that stand alone or under the kitchen counter is always the best option. It allows for ventilation, and in turn lesser condensation. It also allows for easier access to the wines.


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Why buy Wine Chiller / Wine Cellar  from Stellez Vine ?

Our quoted prices on this website for wine chiller / cellar are nett, with no further GST or delivery charges. 
Our service staff is prompt, responsive and attentive. Ensuring a seamless wine journey.


Wine Fridge or Wine Cabinets ? 

What is the difference  between a wine fridge and a wine cellar / wine cabinet? Are they the same? Well, a fridge rapidly cools to avoid food getting spoilt and it extracts humidity whereas a Wine Cabinet slowly and gently cools with greater temperature stability, and maintains humidity to preserve corks. Hence,  while some may refer to a Wine Cellar or Wine Cabinet as a Wine Fridge, the fridge is certainly not the right term to use.