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Wine fridges tailored to meet your requirements and budget.

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Stellez Vine - Best Online Wine Distributor In Singapore

Stellez Vine specialises in providing quality and affordable South African, Thai & Italian wines  in Singapore for all occasions. Buy online and get your wine delivery today. With a team of certifed wine professionals, your queries are in good hands. Our dedicated wine professionals has scoured globally for the finest selection of wine fridges, glassware and wines. Reach out to us, to find out more

Old World Wine list here. Email to order


Savage wines

South african Winery of the year 2023
Savage range of fresh, pure and elegant wines have garnered international reputation. In 2023 and 2022 he has several 5 star rated wines that has shown his consistency as a trail blazer  and undoubtedly one of the Cape's foremost winemakers



Multi award Thai Winery
The pride of South East Asia, and possibly Asia. This highly decorated Thai winery has garnered both local and international recognition. Thai wines from this unique region has also paired well with almost every local Asian cuisine

Kleine Zalze

South African Winery of the year 2021

A large, highly successful and expansive brand in Stellenbosch . It has a great selection of avant garde wines. Awarded 7, 5 star wines for their ingenious take on classic varietals.



For over 40 years, EuroCave has become the gold standard worldwide for maturing and serving wine. The challenge laid down by the company’s founders was to create a specific product that respects and enhances wine, in order to enable connoisseurs to fully live out their passion.



The leading distributor of premium wine chillers, small chest freezers, beverage and ice-cream showcases for residential and commercial use in Singapore

Liebherr_Brand_RGB_pos SMALL_edited.png


Liebherr wine cabinets cool and store fine wines perfectly – enjoy the full taste-pleasure of your exclusive wines served at the optimum temperature

Walkabout Wine tastings

Our walkabout tastings are more than just events – they're immersive experiences. We offers an opportunity to buy wine online in Singapore, where you can explore and purchase the best wines from around the world with ease. Join us for a memorable experience and discover your new favorites today.

Wine Dinners

We believe in the perfect pairing of fine wines and gourmet cuisine. As a trusted wine distributor, Stellez Vine not only offers you the convenience to buy wine online in Singapore but also the opportunity to savor these exceptional wines in curated culinary experiences. Elevate your evenings with our handpicked selections, complementing your gourmet journey like never before

Exclusive interviews

Delve into the world of wine with our exclusive interviews, where we share insights from industry experts and passionate enthusiasts. Discover the latest trends and stories that enrich your appreciation for fine wines. Whether you're looking to buy wine online in Singapore or explore local wine culture, our interviews provide a valuable glimpse into the vibrant wine scene.

Best Selling Wines in Singapore


Newton Johnson Family Vineyards -Pinot Noir



Newton Johnson Family Vineyards - Chardonnay




Groot Constantia -





Groot Constantia - Gouverneurs Reserve Red



Raats Family Cabernet Franc 2020



Raats Original Chenin Blanc 2022



GranMonte The Orient Syrah



Best Wine Chiller & Fridge in Singapore

WKb 4611.jpg

Liebherr Wkb 4611 Barrique 

WKgb 4113.jpg

Liebherr Wkgb 4113 Barrique

WKr 4211.jpg

Liebherr Wkr 4211 Vinothek

WKt 6451.jpg

Liebherr Wkt 6451 GrandCru

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