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Tips on selecting Wedding Wines 


Q: Why bring in your own wedding wines?


A: While hotels will typically offer up to 1 free bottle of wine per table as part of wedding package, this will not be enough as the average consumption per table is about 1.5 bottles. For the incremental bottles of wines, you could actually be able to get a better quality wine at the same or lower cost if you bring in your own.


Q:  Are there any charges for bringing in my own wedding wines?


A: This depends on contract that you have signed with the hotel. Most hotels would allow you to have free corkage for up to 1 bottle per table or unlimited free corkage if they are not giving you bottles of wines at all. Usually, this depends on the negotiation before signing the contract so do remember to ask for free corkage.


Q:  What types of wines are good for a wedding?


A: This depends on a few factors for instance, the food selection, the setting (indoor/outdoor), the budget and the general crowd preference . For instance, you can choose a Moscato for the reception and serve both reds & whites during the meal itself. For an outdoor wedding in sunny Singapore,  chilled Moscato & whites might be better options.


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