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Adi Badenhorst : "The 2012 AA Badenhorst is our 7th release of this appellation wine. The vineyards are getting better as our understanding of them grows and our relationships with the few growers. This vintage will be quite reserved in its youth
but I expect it mature very well and grow into its potential. The tannins are prominent and well integrated and refreshing as a number of the parcels were picked quite early. The aromas are brooding but with complex notes of pepper, liquorice, perfume and black cherries. The palate entry is quite dense with lavender and dark berry fruit. The finish is dry with well spread tannins ending with savoury and currant flavours."

Only 14400 bottles produced.

AA Badenhorst - Family Red 2012

  • Vineyards and vines: small parcels of selected fruit is sourced from various vineyards on our farm Kalmoesfontein and from neighbours with good tasting grapes. The 2012 vintage was beyond expectations in terms of quality and quantity, the yields were higher than usual, averaging around 5 tons/ha and 11200L was bottled from this harvest. Grapes: Shiraz , Cinsault , Tinta Barocca, Grenache and Mourvedre. Vinification: the grapes are sorted meticulously in the vineyard and transported in small picking boxes to a refrigerated container where they are left overnight to cool down. The following day the grapes are transferred to fermentation vessels made of concrete or wood. No grapes are crushed or de-stemmed and minimal sulfur is added at this stage. The grapes are then “foot stomped” to extract juice to assist the onset of natural fermentation. Once fermentation has started the tanks are pigeaged twice daily. The grapes fermented in closed concrete tanks are left on their skind for 6 months before pressing. Maturation: The wine was pressed into used 4000L casks for a maturation period of 16 months. During this time the wine was topped regularly but not racked until the final blends are made up before bottling.
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