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Vintec Wine Chiller

When it comes to buying the right kind of wine fridge in Singapore, you have a fair amount of options.

Wine fridges come in all shapes and sizes, which can make buying the right fridge a bit of a challenge. If you are looking for the best wine fridge online in Singapore, though, focusing on the right brand is essential. For example, most Singaporeans will look to pick up a wine fridge from Vintec.

Vintec is one of the most respected names in the industry and has become a go-to brand to trust. If you are looking for something that feels very much in line with modern expectations (and pricing), Vintec is a wise choice indeed.

Many Singaporeans who are looking for a bespoke, focused wine fridge will find that using a Vintec model is a recommended choice. They are a great starting point, but what is the best fridge for you?

If you want to make sure you buy the best Vintec wine fridge in Singapore for your needs, read on. We’ve broken down the most essential factors that come into thinking when buying the right wine fridge online.

The temperature is the most important factor

First off, what good is a wine fridge for Singaporean wine lovers if it does not manage temperature right?

Wine lovers will know that wine comes with a very particular range of storage options and needs. If you are not able to give your wine the right kind of storage, then expect it to lose some of its colour. It will also start to age prematurely, which can lead to wine which tastes nowhere near as rich and as satisfying as it should have

Worse still, your wine will lose some of that essential taste and quality that you have come to expect. The best Vintec wine chillers, though, are top quality solutions which can produce the right temperature. Many people look for around 12 o C in the temperature, but a Vintec wine fridge will always be able to reach an optimal temperature for your wine.


If you see the temperature as one of the primary issues you can struggle with when buying a wine fridge, you might wish to focus on this. This will help you to make sure you can get a wine with the right lifespan, taste, colour, and aroma for your preference.

Focus on the light factor

Many wine fridges that you might have looked at in Singapore might not be suitable due to light factors. You see, a UV-proof dark storage area is an essential part of any good wine fridge that you buy today. They should be able to make sure that UV rays cannot get to your wine bottles as this can lead to their loss of quality.

By having a UV-free solution – preferably using double, even triple glazing on any glass panels – you make sure that the interior stays nice and dark. This allows for wine to age at a natural, fair rate as opposed to the false and artificial pace that it can hit if you allow it to be UV impacted. The colouring of the wine will not change here, either, and it will ensure that the taste lasts longer.

If you allow your wine to be aged with UV lighting, then it will become a pale colour. UV lighting on a white wine can make it turn into a golden-ish shade, which is highly recommended to avoid. Keep your wine in the right age and condition by making light a priority!

Airflow is utterly essential

Lastly, we highly recommend that you look to ensure that you buy Vintec wine chillers which have air circulation. All of the modern options you look at from Vintec should come with proper air circulation. An air filter is also used to help make sure that a slow but steady release of air is put into the cabinet. This allows for odours to be removed and for your wine to be free from the risk of going off in terms of taste, texture, or scent.

Crucially, airflow that is correct will mean that corks are not going to start moulding or becoming damaged. If you don’t have enough airflow in a fridge then you are left with a bit of an issue. The labels and the cork can become damaged, mouldy, and dangerous to use. Buy Vintec wine chillers to avoid that problem.

Using the above ideas, you should find it much easier to see why Vintec wine chillers are the best in the business. If you are a Singaporean with a love of wine, then you owe it to yourself to store it properly. Work with the above list, and you are left with the perfect way to enjoy setting up the ideal wine containment system!

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