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Kadeka Wine Chiller

Established in 1998, Kadeka was the first-ever brand to introduce a 30-bottle chiller in Singapore. This helped to meet the growing demand of the local wine community.

As a market leader, Kadeka can seize opportunities to meet the demand of the community. On top of that, their 'dare to try' spirit has established the brand as one that is reliable and readily available.

Read on to find out the answers to some frequently asked questions by those who are keen in getting a Kadeka wine chiller.

What are the differences between single, dual, and triple-zone winechillers?

Placing the wine bottle on the countertop or in the drawer of their fridge is not much of a concern if you are not a regular wine drinker. However, if you are looking to expand your wine collection, it is important to get a suitable wine chiller to store your wines.

Single zone wine chillers are the most suitable for wine drinkers who consume largely red wine, white wine, or champagne. The chiller can only be adjusted to one temperature and there are no dividers in the storage space.

Dual-zone wine chillers are suitable for those who are looking to store two out of the three types of wines - red wine, white wine, and/or champagne. This Kadeka wine chiller is equally divided into two sections and it allows for two temperature settings. The wine bottles can be stacked upwards due to the larger distance between each shelf, as compared to other types of wine chillers.

Triple zone wine chillers are ideal for wine lovers who need to store three different types of wines. This type of chiller is typically larger than the previous two types. The bottom section of the chiller is the most suited for champagne or sparkling wines, the middle section for white wines, and the top section for red wines. This chiller comes with three different temperature settings and three sections.

What are the differences between built-in wine chillers and freestanding wine chillers?

Built-in wine chillers are designed to fit your existing space, be it a counter or cabinet. The front vent that is located below the door will allow for heat ventilation within the chiller. This helps to extend the usage life of the wine chiller.

On the other hand, a freestanding wine chiller (also known as standalone wine chiller) must be plugged in and placed against a wall. This would mean that it will take up a certain amount of space if you are looking to get a freestanding wine chiller. Please refer to the following question for clearance guidelines.

Are there any guidelines if I am getting a freestanding wine chiller to be placed near a counter, or any electrical appliances?

Kadeka recommends a 5cm gap at the back of the wine chiller and 2cm at both sides of the chiller. The top section also has to have a 2cm gap to allow for air ventilation.

What are the steps to clean a Kadeka wine chiller?

Step 1: Switch off the power and unplug the plug from the main socket.

Step 2: Remove all the wine bottles and shelves in the chiller.

Step 3: Wipe the inner part of the chiller using a soft microfiber cloth if possible. Afterwards, allow the insides of the wine chiller to air dry.

Step 4: Wipe the shelves that were taken out in step two with the damp cloth and air dry it.

Step 5: Place the shelves back into the storage space after both the shelves and storage have dried. Plug the chiller into the power socket and switch it on. Set it

            to the temperature that you want to store your wines. Store your wines in the chiller once the temperature has been reached.

Is there any warranty for Kadeka products?

Yes, there is a 12 months warranty from the date of registered purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects by Kadeka. After the 12 months of warranty, transport cost, gas refill, and labour will be paid for by the buyer (if needed to).

There is also a 5 years warranty for the compressor in Kadeka products.

The following are not covered under the warranty:

● Misuse of product
● Mishandling of product
● Modification of product
● Corrosion and/or rust
● Lack of maintenance
● Repairs that were done by a 3rd party
● Panels
● Doors
● Shelves
● Batteries
● Keys

● Knobs
● Light
● Dryer filter

There is a huge chunk of ice forming in the freezer. What should I do?

Step 1: Switch off the power to allow the machine to defrost.


Step 2: Wipe the chest freezer and clean it thoroughly.


Step 3: Set the freezer aside at the location where you want it to be for four to six hours. DO NOT switch on the power immediately after cleaning it.


Step 4: Switch on the power after four to six hours. If the problem persists, please contact Kadeka directly.

Kadeka’s Promises

Kadeka has made three promises to their customers – innovation, design, and quality. These promises allow Kadeka to work on their brand offerings, think from their customers’ perspective to grow the brand, and forge a strong relationship with their customers.

The Promise of Innovation
Being innovative has allowed Kadeka to be the market leader in new innovation of wine chillers. They are willing to change conventional products to one that is improved through advanced technology.

The Promise of Design
Kadeka’s products are well thought out to match the consumers’ demands and lifestyle. The brand works closely with design houses to bring the best product to the consumers. These products are user-centric and have minor details which most might have missed.

The Promise of Quality
In order to deliver the best to their customers, Kadeka Singapore ensures that their products are of the highest quality. There are stringent checks during the production – from the workmanship to the type of material to the ease of operation. This results in a durable and sturdy product which many consumers love.

There is More
In addition to keeping to the three promises which Kadeka has made, they are also focused on meeting the new demands of their customers. With a wider range of choices and better customer support, Kadeka seeks to have their product in every home. This promises you that Kadeka wishes to improve your lifestyle through their products.

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