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Chest Freezer in Singapore - Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best chest freezer in Singapore will be of interest to anyone who deals with large quantities of groceries.

Beyond just being energy-saving, chest freezers is designed to storemore groceries than an average refrigerator.

This chest freezer buyer's guide will help buyers decide on which chest freezer best suit their needs in Singapore.

Understanding the Benefits of Chest Freezers

A chest freezer has more capacity within the same footprint, as compared to a conventional refrigerator. It has few compartments, and hence eliminate unnecessary design constraints.

It is easy maintenance too. A chest freezer has a manual defrosting system that requires defrosting once annually, preserving its’ longevity and decreasing additional labour time. An important advantage, buyers shouldn’t overlook.

Another key feature of chest freezers is its adjustable thermostat. It helps to control the temperature according to what is desired. Furthermore, a high-quality freezer provide other features like ice cube trays, safety locks, defrost drain, power indicator light, insulated balance lid, well-built baskets, rollers, and interior light.

Not all chest freezers come with the aforementioned features, hence it is necessary to check with your preferred suppliers for a comprehensive list of the specifications and product description.

What to Look for in a Chest Freezer?

Storage capacity is perhaps the most crucial factor in choosing a chest freezer Forecasting capacity accurately, will ensure a higher mileage for your chest freezer. Once that has been sorted, you should also look out for the decibel rating and energy saving ratings of a chest freezer. It will give individuals, a quiet piece of mind, and reduce unnecessary electrical costs.Let’s check out what all these specifications imply:

1. Storage

This is the first and most crucial step; after all, a chest freezer's primary purpose is ample storage of food.

Kadeka KCF-108X storage capacity, its’ smallest unit is able to store up to 108L. While KCF-620, its’ biggest unit can store 620L. Regardless of storage capacity, chest freezers stores all food items for an extended period, while retaining its’ freshness.

You can also organize the storage of a chest freezer, by checking if it has removable dividers. These dividers makes storage and organization more efficient by storing different foods in different compartments.

2. Performance

Thermostat determines the performance of all refrigerators and freezers. It feedbacks signals to the freezer controllers to cool down the unit, when necessary. While the design of the freezer ensures little to negligible fluctuations and/or uneven temperature distribution within. Maintaining a steady temperature throughout the unit.

By checking reviews made by previous customers, you can assess the performance of a chest freezer. So, ensure you visit forums for reviews before making a final decision.

3. Decibel Rating

Chest freezers can produce considerable noise, occasionally louder than regular refrigerators. Do pay heed to chest freezers with a low decibel rating.

Nevertheless, you might not need to review its decibel rating if your chest freezer is installed in a remote location.

4. Energy Efficiency

Chest freezers with energy efficiency logos is a Singapore standard, for users to quickly identify the most efficient products.

Armed with this knowledge, let us look at two recommended Kadeka options:

Kadeka KCF-200

Kadeka chest freezers are well-known for their effectiveness in food storage. Kadeka KCF-200 is thought to be one of the most valued chest freezers in Singapore.

KCF-200 is value for money and a dependable option. It offers affordability and reliability. In addition to its pricing, KCF-200 offers a storage capacity of more than 200 liters. This allows you to store all kinds of perishables and other items of your choice.

It has a well-built hinge which allows for easy opening and closing of the door. Its draining feature also helps cut out the hassle of defrosting and draining.

The Merits in Summary:

  • Affordability

  • Durability and Tenacity

  • Drainage feature

Kadeka KCF-620

Its model number says it all. Kadeka KCF-620 has a massive storage capacity of about 621 liters. 

Interestingly, its huge storage capacity does not equate to large energy consumption. KCF-620 has a high energy-saving efficiency, which will not increase electrical costs.

To aid mobility due to its massive weight, Kadeka KCF-620 possesses durable castor wheels. Although to pull it from one room to the other, you might need an assistant.

Kadeka KCF-620 has an artistic look, a drainage feature that eases off the stress of defrosting. This is quite unusual for most of the chest freezers in the market.

A summary of the merit includes:

  • Large storage capacity

  • Energy-saving efficiency

  • Strong overall build

Wondering how you should be organizing your chest freezer? Watch this video to learn more:

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