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Finding the Right Wine


There are many ways in which one can select the right wine. For instance, factors to consider include 


  • Budget: This will usually come in handy as a first filter to decide on which range of wines to select. 

  • Purpose/ Occasion: The wine you would select for a mass event may be something that's easy drinking and less controversial in taste while a drinking session with wine connoisseurs may allow for wider choices of wines. If the main purpose is to pair with food, it's then important to select the wines in a way to enhance the pairing since food affects how wines taste.  

  • Your personal taste preference: Each individual has their preferences. For instance, some could like dry wines and other like sweet wines. Some prefer full body to medium body wines. Others may be very specific about a specific grape type or taste.

  • Awards: Looking at the awards or ratings that a wine has earned can also help wine selection. Generally, a winning wine has already been endorsed to some extent by professsional sommeliers or judges. As such, this is a form of testimony towards the quality of the wine. 


Overall, we find that the easiest is to speak to someone who can advise you on the above. Hence, please feel free to contact us anytime. 



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