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EuroCave Wine Cabinet (Warranty)

Wine Art has 2 independent preset temperature compartments suitable for red and white wine use. Wine Art is not suitable for champagne or sparkling wine use.

Warranty for Wine Art is 1 year on parts and service and is strictly on a carry in basis to our service centre. All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars including 7% GST and delivery for Singapore address only. Wine cabinets and cigar humidor include a 2 years warranty. 1st year warranty includes parts and service and 2nd year warranty is on parts only. Warranty for 'Revelation Range' wine cabinets is  for 5 years which 1st and 2nd year includes parts and service and 3rd to 5th year is on parts only.  On-site services will be chargeable based on our Standard Service Price List. All bottle capacity are provided as an indication only and based on traditional Bordeaux bottle size. Actual capacity may vary. Standard color for all wine cabinets is Nero Black. (Except for Cigar Humidor which is in Buffle color) All prices and information presented are subject to our Terms & Conditions and to change without notice.

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