Our exquisite South African wines



DeMorgenzon, ‘the morning sun’, was so named because it is the first part of the Stellenboschkloof valley to see the sun because of its high altitude and aspects.


The first vines in the Stellenbosch Hills were planted during the early 1700’s as the mild climate is ideally suited to the production of quality grapes. DeMorgenzon is committed to sustainable and appropriate agriculture and are sensitive to the environment. They have always farmed naturally and respect the vine as a part of a viable and varied ecosystem, rooted in a living soil. Notable wine inevitably expresses the earth in which it grows.

DeMorgenzon is totally committed to excellence, and focus on wines which express their unique terroir and fruit within a classic structure.  In their view, South Africa’s best wines are a combination of New World-style fruit and Old World style elegance. A relatively cool climate and low humidity gives wines their personality, fruit, flavour and length, but without the aggressive tannins that can mar reds in some growing zones.


As part of the DeMorgenzon's unique perspective on winemaking, there are speakers strategically placed in the vineyard and in the cellar, playing specially selected Baroque music to the vines and wines, believed to translate into the wines exquisite balance, elegance and complexity.